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North Kerry says no.

We started this campaign in 2018 because we believed that local and national media was not giving the full picture regarding to Shannon LNG and I was not satisfied by the scope of the debate. Since then, thankfully there has been a growing awareness of the urgency of the climate crisis, though regretfully little action by governments, outside of ineffective free market solutions.

Having emigrated at the height of the recession I can understand the concerns of people who support this, in combating emigration from the area. However, the meager long term employment that this project would bring has been vastly overstated by local politicians and business figures and in any case, could never justify a project which enables fracked gas, the most destructive of all fossil fuel sources, to enter Europe in the middle of a potential global climate catastrophe. I believe our shortsighted politicians need to be called out for playing on the economic stagnation of north Kerry in the interest of big business and the much coveted commercial rates it will bring to the council. More money for the county council often does not translate into a better county for the people of Kerry and the environment, as clearly demonstrated by the listowel bypass and the abandonment of north Kerry in the council’s zoning of the area.

​I was completing MA dissertation on Energy Imperialism and this campaign is informed by my research. I could not in good conscience continue research on this topic without in some small way challenging energy imperialism on my doorstep. No doubt energy transitions are a slow process, but Shannon LNG would be a step in the wrong direction and would lead to much higher emissions than present were it to be built. This is sometimes hard to see because of the geographically dispersed nature of the emissions and the widely espoused rhetoric of gas as a transition fuel. I hope that this campaign will demonstrate how connected we are globally and help people combat the race to the bottom, to which our political and business classes try to sell our communities.

This campaign is non-partisan and not affiliated with any political organization. I hope that it inspires debate and dialogue between generations so that we can work together towards a better future.

Eoghan Harris


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