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Future Generations Kerry

No To Shannon LNG

Shannon LNG will turn North Kerry into a Pollution Haven. This is because the LNG(Liquified natural gas) which is imported will be pretty much completely derived from Fracking.

Fracking, i.e Hydraulic fracturing, is the most destructive industrial process that human societies have ever engaged in.

Fracking is the only human activity which causes earthquakes.

Fracking is the only human activity which takes water out of the hydro-logical cycle permanently.

Fracking has the greatest greenhouse effect of all energy sources.

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Letter from Climate Camp to Pierce Fitzgibbon solicitor and

On August 3, the following letters were delivered by climate camp Ireland regarding Pierce Fitzgibbons and HQ Listowel regarding their connection to Shannon LNG. As of today 20 August we have not received any reply. Climate Camp Ireland asks Pierse Fitzgibbon Solicitors to clarify relationship with Shannon LNG owners New Fortress Energy To: Pierse FitzgibbonContinue reading “Letter from Climate Camp to Pierce Fitzgibbon solicitor and”

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