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Dispelling some pro-LNG Propaganda

  • Over the last thirty years, our once publicly owned ESB has been privatized piece by piece.
  • Eirgrid have even admitted that prices of are going up because they are set by free trade mechanisms which involve much financial speculation spurred on by war in Ukraine. For example, Bord Gais, owned by British multinational centrica, reported that its profits surged by 74% in the first half of this year!
  • Despite this price gouging and war profiteering, our current gas supply from
    the north sea is plentiful and secured with legally binding bi-lateral agreements(outside of EU framework).
  • Both Norway and UK gain huge revenue from supply and have no reason to jeopardize them. They would also face massive fines for violating these trade agreements. Gas infrastructure also takes years to construct so, no, despite what pro-LNG advocates claim, Norway and UK cannot just ‘divert’ their gas to Germany.
  • Ireland owns the inter-connector at Moffat and if UK cut it off, they would
    also have to cut off the Isle of man and
    the north.
  • Ireland was granted the option of an exemption from mandatory EU-wide gas cuts by the European Commission because of the begrudging recognition by the European Commission that the Irish gas grid is not connected to any other EU Member State and is not dependent on Russian gas.

If there is no gas supply issue, why are we getting warnings of blackouts this winter?

  • Data centers are currently using 14% of the country’s electricity supply, which is more than the electricity consumed by all the rural homes in the country, and this figure is predicted to rise to 30% within the next 8 years bringing a real risk of blackouts and brownouts. The Ennis Data center which Clare County Council approved in August, will consume as much electricity as 200,000 homes.
  • Singapore, the country with the next highest amount in the world, put a stop to new Data centers at 7% of their national grid. We are now double this. Shannon LNG plans eight data centers on the site, which would consume a large portion of the energy created from the imported fracked gas in the first place.
  • Politicians and elites in the media are purposely muddying the waters, in favour of tech multinationals which create very little employment, evade tax, and use huge amounts of resources at the expense of ordinary people.
  • An LNG terminal will not reduce the cost of gas in Ireland because gas is sold at international prices – if anything it will make gas prices more volatile as – LNG cargoes can be diverted to other more profitable destinations, whereas pipelines are fixed infrastructure. The cost of production of LNG is also multiples that of pipeline gas because of the extra embodied energy of liquification, cooling, transport and vessel construction. These costs multiply again when we take into account the process of fracking.

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